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Kelsey Pellino, Owner

I'm really excited to run this business venture and looking forward to all the creations I will have the pleasure of making. My passion is people, delivering the best experience possible, and creating the most stress-free process for you.


My baking career started from watching hours of The Cake Boss when I was 8 years old. Mesmerized by the little details, logistics of building and stacking a cake, how pastries can be so meticulous - made me eager to learn everything I could. 

I've been baking ever since then. It's always been an avenue for me to practice creative freedom and a form of self-care to me was (and always will be) being in the kitchen. Trying new recipes, new designs, polishing old skills, and coming up with new ideas has been my journey. I've made hundreds of desserts, learning more and more each time, and would love to be able to bring you the joy of my bakes just as it has so graciously given me. 

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